C&S Self Defense Association
C&S Self Defense Association Core Training Standards
Grandmaster Peter Rose

Incomplete Document: Please note that the following is only the preamble for a more comprehensive document that is currently under review by the Governing Council and unavailable for nonmember viewing. If you are a current C&S member and would like more information about these standards, please consult your program director or Grandmaster Rose.

The Association Core Training Documents outline rank promotion standards and in-rank study guidelines. All documents have a release id, and this id is updated as the documents change. All current release ids are listed on this page.

These core documents will be association level documents and program directors are encouraged to obtain and or review the association release content and compare that to any documents that are issued within your own line. Each Master, in fact in many cases each program, may have additional requirements to those of the association. Be advised that it is each program director’s responsibility to make sure that the material listed under association core is the current release id material. All documents, such as a green belt test form, should contain the current association release id so that everyone knows they are dealing with current association standards and requirements.

This webpage has been created so that each member of the association can verify that not only is their program operating in accordance with current association policy, but that they will know what that policy is. It is the intent that the association core be minimally restrictive so that individual programs can, under the direction of their up line Master, train in areas that they feel their students will benefit the most from. It is not the intention of the association to restrict all students to one way; there are many ways. All we ask is that you are on the same path which will be the association core, but that you are free to stop along that path at any point and pick up things that interest you in addition to that required by the association.

Anything that is listed as an association core requirement has been approved by the Governing Council. Thus, if you have any changes that you’d like to see made to the core, feel free to bring this to our attention and we will address it immediately.

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