Grandmaster Rose 07/1995 Summer Address

C&S Self Defense Association

Dear Students and Friends,

By now you have all had a chance to review the documentation that Sandan Tim House prepared from our survey and registration questioneers. Quite impressive growth. I know that you are all as proud of our accomplishments as I am. My thanks to Sandan House for yet another great effort for our Association.

I would like to take this opportunity to also thank our other Board of Directors for some new work that they will be taking on for the Association. My thanks first of all to Master David Landers for all of his support and communication over the last six months. His willingness to mobilize all of his students to make this a great association is admirable. He speaks highly of the assistence his Nidan and Sandan Disciples have been in assisting him. Keep up the good work!

I am proud to announce that Master Paul Dusenbery has offered to take the burdon of our Newsletter production off of Sandan House's shoulders from now on. Master Dusenber was solely responsible for the old NKA newsletter, and made it the only viable communication vehicle of that association- despite the lack of help or encouragement from anyone in that association other than the students directly under my wing. I know that you will all try to contribute your skills in some way to his efforts. We will not require you to do so, but those who put themselves into the effort will reap rewards not experienced by those other "arm chair officianados" who do nothing but tend to be the first to complain about something.

We do not have any complainers in C&S Self Defense, nor would any of our senior people tolerate any. Producing a newsletter is a creative, detail oriented, and demanding process. Most of all: it takes time- lots and lots of time. I hope you all will express your appreciation for the time that Master Dusenbery has committed not only himself, but his immediate students to. I know that you all appreciate the efforts that Sandan House has invested- we constantly get great comments about the newsletter and Sandan. Well, you can expect an even better product from Master Dusenbery as he has access to a lot more high-tech goodies to really jazz things up! Let us know how you like it and how we can improve it! From this point on, all newsletter related material should be forwarded to Master Dusenbery for processing.

Master Dusenbery, Sandday House, and others have been bantering about the idea of getting some sort of communication going through the Internet. This brought up an interesting question: How many of you have computers? How many of you consider yourselves more than just a casual user? How many of you are already on the Internet? As Martial Artists, we need to not only be aware of "punchin' an' kickin'" but also art, liturature, music, etc. And in addition to this, we need to be technologically aware as well. If we are to be representative of the best that society has to produce, then we must be conversant in so many different areas. Technology is now one of those essential areas, and those of you who aspire to advanced Black Belt ranking will find yourseves faced with many exciting challenges in these areas to learn about and gain proficiency within in order to qualify for promotion.

I am sure that you have all seen the listings of expected "hottest" job skills for the next decade. Some of the top catagories are: "software engineer", "bio-technologist", "computer programmer", and "systems analyst". Don't let the world leave you behind. Three years ago I stated that "within five years if a person does not know how to use a computer then the best job they will be able to expect to get will be packing frozen chickens or learning a better method of sayiing, 'May I take your order please.' without chocking out your obnozious customer!" Well... if I'm right, then that leaves just 2 years for all of you to get going! And I would like to offer the services of C&S Self Defense Association to help you. Many of us in the Association hold technical degrees and would be excited to assist you with whatever questions you may have. If anyone is interested, perhaps we could start a "Tech-Talk" coluimn in the Newsletter. Or whatever- there are so many things: from just advice on what kind of computer to buy to where to go to get information on the latest findings in astrophysical research to the latest advances in medicine. If you have questions, or if you need help- let's get communication going!

My best to all of you as we move forward into another great summer! Work hard so you earn the right to play hard! And let's get some information out to Master Dusenbery as he begins work on the next edition of the newsletter.

In our art,
Grandmaster Peter M. Rose

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