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All of the gathered C&S Self Defense Association Grandmasters, Masters, and Disciples with Nidan Art and Dave Shuler's students at the Effingham Lake Land College location gym prior to the senior group leaving for the 04-19-2007 All Disciple Retreat In Illinois.

C&S Self Defense Association was formed in 1992 for the benefit of Grandmaster Peter Rose's direct Disciples who believed in Grandmaster's vision of the Art and all of life. Our Association, our family, is built upon the strength of character in its members. This is not something that happens overnight. It is a process that is worked on over a period of time, but this is time well spent. The goal of the Association is to provide a solid base for the members to strive for achievement in personal self defense and in personal self fullfillment.

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09/24/15: Master Rose Presented With Stained Glass Association Emblem
After class on Thursday 09/24/15 Master Rose was presented with a beautiful stained glass emblem of our C&S Self Defense Association Current Picture logo from all the association Masters, all of his direct disciples, and members of the Rose School of Karate.

The picture shows 2nd Degree Black Belt Nidan Brian Serven and 5th Degree Black Belt Master Tim House presenting Master Rose with the emblem after class.

09/27/15: Eleanne Solorzano Promoted to Certified 1st Degree Black Belt
I am pleased to announce the promotion of Eleanne Solorzano of the Rose School of Karate to the rank of Certified 1st Degree Black Belt. Over the last 5 years, Shodan Solorzano has shown the utmost dedication and attention to her training. As a result, her performance under duress was outstanding. It was a tough few days, with little sleep for both of us, but she did excellent in all areas of the exam.

She will now move forward to new and challenging material that will guide her deeper into the study of our art, sharpening her technical skills and honing her mind to the philosophical truths of all of the Nature about us.

Congratulations, Shodan Solorzano, and I'll see you on deck soon!

Master Rose

10/04/15: Steve Austin Promoted to Certified 1st Degree Black Belt
I am pleased to inform you that Steve Austin successfully completed the three day Shodan exam this past weekend.

I was very impressed with his depth of knowledge and understanding of the material covered. Mr. Austin began his training with Master Larison in 1999. In 2007 he started training under myself. His journey has been a long road but as he stated, "The training was well worth it."

Yondan Dwayne Beccue

11/15/15: Storm Dragon Grandmaster's 2015 Disciple Retreat
In C&S Self Defense Association each Master holds an annual 3 day retreat for their disciples, those of 2nd Degree Black Belt rank or higher. This year's retreat was a very special gathering because 3 Storm Dragon disciples received advanced rank promotions.

Current Picture
Storm Dragon Grandmaster's Disciples assembled for their 2015 Disciple Retreat 11/15/15.

Grandmaster Rose comment: I had asked Grandmaster Landers about his hat, and the dog he was holding; both new additions since his September 18, 2015 retirment from the law enforcement field he had been in for 40 years. I thought that perhaps he was slipping over the edge, but he had this to say about both:

"And, what about that hat? I drove by the Stetson Hat Outlet store in St. Joseph Missouri about 25 times over the last 16 years and finally stopped on what was going to be my last trip. An old man's harmless affectation, but I love it!

And, the dog in the pictures is none other than the mighty Henry Kadu. He was fished out of a dumpster when he was a puppy after someone had stomped on him. We use Henry as a motivational tool:

"So you are tired and sore and you want to quit? Tell Henry about it, see what he says. If you can say you've had your back broken and been thrown into a dumpster to die and still have Henry's calm dignity, then you can complain...not before."

I had to hold Henry for the shots so that his mom could take the pictures. He is into Chiropractic and Acupuncture."

[GM Rose: Kadu is Afghan for pumpkin. The connection remains a mystery...].

11/15/15: 6th Degree Black Belt Promotions
I am very pleased to announce the promotion of the following C&S Masters to the rank of 6th Degree Black Belt on 11/15/15 at our mini Black Belt retreat:

White Crane Master Kerry D. Bushu
Sun Leopard Master Joseph R. Larison

We are very proud of them, and add that they are a credit to our Association.

Grandmaster David Landers

Current Picture
White Crane Master Kerry D. Bushue, Storm Dragon Grandmaster David R. Landers, Sun Leopard Master Joseph R. Larison

11/15/15: Scott C. Petitjean Promoted to 4th Degree Black Belt
I am very pleased to announce the promotion of Scott C. Petitjean to the rank of Yondan. The promotion took place Sunday evening Nov. 15th 2015 at our mini Black Belt retreat.

Yondan Petitjean started his Martial Arts career in December 27th of 1994 and has been a model student and disciple though-out the past 21 years.

Congratulation Yondan job well done.

Master Joseph Larison

Current Picture
4th Degree Black Belt Scott Christopher Petitjean

01/30/16: GM Landers, AKA 'Retired Man' and Photographer
In a recent email, GM Landers mentioned the following in regard to his congratulations to Pending Black Belt Marty Richter's acceptance to take his Certified 1st Degree Black Belt Shodan Exams from Master Tim House:

"I have been spending some time in my new role as Retired Man by learning Photoshop and applying it to the many photos I took over the last 16 years as a Criminal Intelligence Coordinator traveling in the upper Midwest. Here is one that might apply to Mr. Richter's exam. I call it 'The Wheel of Life'. I hope it is not too ominous."

Current Picture

02/27/16: Martin Richter Promoted to Certified 1st Degree Black Belt
Recently, Mr. Richter and I spent three days together in the White Mountains of Current Picture New Hampshire and I am pleased to announce the promotion of Marty Richter to the rank of Certified First Degree Black Belt - Shodan.

There were many challenges along the way and with these challenges Shodan Richter demonstrated a mature attitude, resilient perseverance, and commitment to the Art.

I look forward to watching him grow deeper in the Art and embrace new responsibilities.

Master Tim House

06/05/16: Scott Plessner Promoted to Nidan 2nd Degree Black Belt

I am honored and pleased to announce the promotion of Scott Plessner to 2nd Degree Black Belt, Nidan.

Current Picture

This promotion is significant in that Nidan Plessner becomes my first Disciple.

Nidan Plessner has been studying martial arts since 2001.

He began his martial arts career studying Uechi-ryu style karate and obtained the rank of Nikyu.

Since 2006, Scott has studied with the Sachem School under Master Jones.

Scott has built a career in the IT industry and is employed as a software development manager.

During the Winter months, Scott volunteers his time mentoring the local high school robotics team in software design and development as part of the annual FIRST robotics competition.

Nidan Plessner, welcome to the Disciple rank, I am proud to have you as my Disciple.

Master Jones

06/22/16: Sandan Scott Williams Moves to South Carolina
To All, As many of you know my wife Linda and I are relocating to Johns Island, South Carolina, not far from Charleston. I've updated the Red Leaf Karate Website, so check that out. Please look us up when passing through or just come for a visit. Will stay in touch. — Sandan

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