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All of the gathered C&S Self Defense Association Grandmasters, Masters, and Disciples with Nidan Art and Dave Shuler's students at the Effingham Lake Land College location gym prior to the senior group leaving for the 04-19-2007 All Disciple Retreat In Illinois.

C&S Self Defense Association was formed in 1992 for the benefit of Grandmaster Peter Rose's direct Disciples who believed in Grandmaster's vision of the Art and all of life. Our Association, our family, is built upon the strength of character in its members. This is not something that happens overnight. It is a process that is worked on over a period of time, but this is time well spent. The goal of the Association is to provide a solid base for the members to strive for achievement in personal self defense and in personal self fullfillment.

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01/30/16: GM Landers, AKA 'Retired Man' and Photographer
In a recent email, GM Landers mentioned the following in regard to his congratulations to Pending Black Belt Marty Richter's acceptance to take his Certified 1st Degree Black Belt Shodan Exams from Master Tim House:
"I have been spending some time in my new role as Retired Man by learning Photoshop and applying it to the many photos I took over the last 16 years as a Criminal Intelligence Coordinator traveling in the upper Midwest. Here is one that might apply to Mr. Richter's exam. I call it 'The Wheel of Life'. I hope it is not too ominous."

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02/27/16: Martin Richter Promoted to Certified 1st Degree Black Belt
Recently, Mr. Richter and I spent three days together in the White Mountains of Current Picture New Hampshire and I am pleased to announce the promotion of Marty Richter to the rank of Certified First Degree Black Belt - Shodan.

There were many challenges along the way and with these challenges Shodan Richter demonstrated a mature attitude, resilient perseverance, and commitment to the Art.

I look forward to watching him grow deeper in the Art and embrace new responsibilities.

Master Tim House

06/05/16: Scott Plessner Promoted to Nidan 2nd Degree Black Belt

I am honored and pleased to announce the promotion of Scott Plessner to 2nd Degree Black Belt, Nidan.

This promotion is significant in that Nidan Plessner becomes my first Disciple.

Nidan Plessner has been studying martial arts since 2001.

He began his martial arts career studying Uechi-ryu style karate and obtained the rank of Nikyu.

Since 2006, Scott has studied with the Sachem School under Master Jones.

Scott has built a career in the IT industry and is employed as a software development manager.

During the Winter months, Scott volunteers his time mentoring the local high school robotics team in software design and development as part of the annual FIRST robotics competition.

Nidan Plessner, welcome to the Disciple rank, I am proud to have you as my Disciple.

Master Jones

06/01/16: Master Tim House Celebrates 35 Years!
Deepest congratulations to my disciple 5th Degree Black Belt Spirit Eagle Master Tim House on celebrating 35 years in the martial arts!
06/22/16: Sandan Scott Williams Moves to South Carolina
To All, As many of you know my wife Linda and I are relocating to Johns Island, South Carolina, not far from Charleston. I've updated the Red Leaf Karate Website, so check that out. Please look us up when passing through or just come for a visit. Will stay in touch. — Sandan
08/01/16: New Program: Bear Den Karate Club
3rd Degree Black Belt Sandan Rick Downs of Kittery, ME has formalized his previous open training of any student who can Current Picture keep up with him into the Bear Den Karate Club.

A 20 year disciple of Grandmaster Rose, Sandan Downs has willingly worked with so many students not only at his home, but also since 1999 as the head of the Rose School of Karate Early Birds.

Sandan's deep commitment to the art is the direct result of what that art has provided him. Though he has spent his career in the art Current Picture helping others, we're glad to see him actually create a program within our association.

And if opening his club wasn't enough, his first promotion is his 8 year old granddaughter Clover who has been studying with him since May when his son, Jared, asked if he'd work with her.

As Sandan Downs put it in his note about her promotion, "I jumped at the chance to teach her. Wow! I didn't know what I was in for. How hard could this be? I thought I would loose my mind teaching Pinan Shodan. It was three moves then 10 cartwheels. She is so full of energy that she is spraying all over the place. We both persevered for three months, and she never missed a class and tested Aug 24."

09/09/16: Nidan Brian Serven Achieves High Level Yoga Certification
Nidan Brian Serven's petition was approved for certification with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) Current Picture as a Certified Yoga Therapist.

This is an enormous accomplishment as there are less than 350 people world-wide with this designation. In addition, he is the first to achieve this certification in NH, and one of only 6 in New England.

The IAYT is an organization that sets the international standard of education for yoga therapy. The YogaLife Institute is one of the first 12 schools to be accredited.

Congratulations, Nidan, on this tremendous accomplishment! [picture of Nidan with his wife Michelle]

12/03/16: Master Russ Jones Opens Sachem Health
Master Russ Jones held a Grand Opening for his new business, Sachem Health Saturday Decempber 03, 2016.

I drove up to Laconia to assist Master Jones by teaching Current Picture his adult class at 9:00am and then working with some of his kids class members at their class at 10:00am.

There was a great turnout for both classes, and I enjoyed meeting some new folks.

Contratulations to Master Jones for finding a new home to combine all of the health arts that he teaches: karate for adults, karate for kids, yoga, Tai Chi, and Shiatsu Asian Body Work.

12/11/16: Master Russ Jones Promotes 3 New Pending Black Belts
Master Russ Jones held a Pending Black Belt exam at his club Sachem Health in Laconia, NH on Sunday Decempber 11, 2016.

I drove up with Shodan's Eleanne Solorzano and Marty Richter to assist Master Jones with the exam. Current Picture Master Tim House from Portsmouth, NH was there when we arrived just before 8:00am on a very cold December morning. As required, all three of Master Jones students arrived at 8:00am, and the test began.

It was a long day, taking 9 hours of intense work to complete. Master Jones formal announcement of the results of this exam are as follows:

It is with extreme pride and pleasure that I announce the promotion of Joe Mecuri, Jake Malatesta and Madison Smith to the rank of Shodan Ho, Black Belt. Shodan Hos Mecuri, Malatesta and Smith displayed themselves well through nine hours of physical, theoretical and written testing. Additionally Shodan Ho Smith becomes my first female Black Belt. Congratulations Shodan Hos.

All of us in the association wish these fine young adults success. This success is not limited just to their continued martial arts training, but, because of the hard work and discipline that they have demonstrated in their studies under Master Jones, success that will affect them the rest of their lives, and those they come into contact with.

C&S Self Defense Association