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Spring 2003

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Grandmaster Rose demonstrating a "close-in" self defense technique against Pending Black Belt Rick Downs of the Rose School of Karate

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A Note From Grandmaster - Senior Grandmaster Peter M. Rose, 8th Degree Black Belt

Thoughts From the Board of Directors
Alive and Kicking - Grandmaster Paul B. Dusenbery, Ph.D., 7th Degree Black Belt
The Dragon's Tail - Senior Master David R. Landers, 6th Degree Black Belt

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Forearm Muscle Strike - Grandmaster Peter Rose, 8th Degree Black Belt

What's Been Happening
Reports from our Association family...

  1. Boulder School of Self Defense - Boulder, CO - Tiger Grandmaster Paul B. Dusenbery, Ph.D., 7th Degree Black Belt
  2. Chung Fu-do - Fort Collins, CO - Daniel Wilkewitz, 4th Degree Black Belt
  3. Dragon Warrior Dojo - Effingham, IL - Art and David Shuler, 1st Degree Black Belts
  4. Kersey Karate Club - Kersey, IL - Steve Bennetts, 1st Degree Black Belt
  5. Mountain View Martial Arts Academy - Spokane, WA - Carl Parker, 3rd Degree Black Belt
  6. Northwood School of Self Defense - Northwood, NH - James Nancarrow, 2nd Degree Black Belt
  7. Okinawan Kaarate Club - Fort Colins, TX - Timothy Shafer, 3rd Degree Black Belt
  8. Orange School of Karate - Orange, TX - William Parish, 2nd Degree Black Belt
  9. Personal Protection Agency - Tyler, TX - Kerry Bushue, 4th Degree Black Belt
  10. Rose School of Karate - Portsmouth, NH - White Cobra Senior Grandmaster Peter Rose, 8th Degree Black Belt
  11. Sachem Self Defense School - Laconia, NH - Russ Jone, 3rd Degree Black Belt
  12. Shadow Dragon Karate Guild - Mason, IL, - Dwayne Beccue, 3rd Degree Black Belt
  13. Somersworth School of Self Defense - Somersworth, NH - Bruce Vinciguerra, 4th Degree Black Belt
  14. Storm Dragon Dojos/Landers - Effingham, IL - Dragon Senior Master David R. Landers, 6th Degree Black Belt
  15. Storm Dragon Dojos/Larison - Montrose, IL - Joseph Larison, 4th Degree Black Belt
  16. Tai Chien Dojo - Portsmouth, NH - Tim House, 3rd Degree Black Belt

Views From Around The Association
Joint Lock Series IV: Making the Box (opposite side wrist grab) - Sandan Tim House
Important Issues To Consider - Grandmaster Peter Rose, 8th Degree Black Belt

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Grandmaster Peter M. Rose Dear Students and Friends,

It's been a long winter!  I still have 4 foot snow drifts along my driveway. They look like they could still be there by June! But all else is going well for not only myself and the Rose School of Karate team, but for C&S Self Defense Association as well. I'd like to quote just a short segment from my recent C&S Self Defense Association Annual Report For 2002 which I emailed to all of our black belts.

"At the present time, C&S Self Defense Association is comprised of 3 distinct "legs": Each leg is headed by a C&S Self Defense Association White Cobra Master. Headed by Senior Grandmaster Peter Rose, these Masters comprise the Board of Directors for the association. These legs are: White Cobra Senior Grandmaster Peter Rose, 8th Degree Black Belt, Tiger Grandmaster Dr. Paul Dusenbery, 7th Degree Black Belt, and Dragon Senior Master David Landers, 6th Degree Black Belt. All C&S Self Defense Association black belts and students fall under the direct or indirect guidance of one of these Masters."

"Our Association currently consists of 17 Programs with 23 active black belts. The association added 4 new programs and a 5th reactivated. This means that 74% of our black belts have taken up the responsibility of managing their own programs, and the number of new programs grew by 47%! These are outstanding statistics. All can be proud that though the overall group is small in number, we are an active and vibrant group. There are no laggards in C&S Self Defense Association!"

I am proud to announce that my former disciple Mr. Bruce Vinciguerra of the Somersworth School of Self Defense in Somersworth, NH received his Yondan 4th Degree Black Belt promotion from Grandmaster Paul Dusenbery of the Boulder School of Self Defense, Boulder, CO. Yondan Vinciguerra and his senior student Nidan Larry Holman were both presented with their 20 Year Certificate of Commendation! Congratulations to these two outstanding martial artists.

Just after publication of the Fall 2002 issue of C&SonLine, William A. Shuler and David A. Shuler announced the forming of their new Dragon Warrior Dojo in Effingham, IL. The Shuler's both were recently promoted to Shodan and lost no time in helping fulfill their obligation to spread our art. Good luck!

Though not intending to hold any testing at my disciple retreat this year, I was so impressed with Nidan Russ Jones work over the past year that he was promoted to the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt, Sandan. Congratulations Sandan Jones on your achievement!

Sandan Carl Parker's Mountainview Academy of Self Defense in Spokane, WA sprouted to 8 students in just a few weeks after Sandan reactivated his club! In addition, he has taken me up on my offer of building and hosting a small web page for his program. Check it out by following the link on the Association home page.

And just as we were starting to receive our 2003 black belt membership forms, I received an email from Shodan Steve Bennetts who trains under Sandan Tim Shafer of the Okinawan Karate Club in Fort Collins, CO. He indicated that he was starting up a program and wanted to know what he needed to do. He's got the Program Director's Orientation Manual, a bunch of association patches and a handful of certificates ready to hand out! Go get 'em Shodan!

Not to be outdone, Nidan James Nancarrow of the Rose School of Karate, Portsmouth, NH recently started the Northwood School of Self Defense, Northwood, NH. After working in retail sales and management at Radio Shack for 27 years, Nidan decided to change careers and is now a department manager with the Demoulis food store chain. This gives him more time and a more structured schedule. He is looking forward to this opportunity to have a small club of his own. He has been training with us for over 20 years. Congratulations Nidan!

The long and short of this list of Association member accomplishments is to highlight my comments from the C&S Self Defense Association Annual Report For 2002. It is one thing to throw out a bunch of statistics, but it is a whole other thing when you actually know and have trained with the folks who have made this happen. It is through their efforts and their efforts alone that the association flourishes. The association is just an amalgamation of its members; you, our students and friends.

For those of you training because you want to become black belts: look at those who are black belts. Look forward to the day when you can come to the table with that kind of talent, strength, commitment, and energy. Look forward to the day when you can become a leader and carry on the work of your leader, your Sensei or Master. Look forward to the day when directly through your efforts you realize that you have positively affected the life of another person and that person in turn has accepted the responsibility to go out and do the same for at least 2 others. Look forward to the day when someone calls you Sensei because that will be the day you achieve something very few people will ever be able to achieve: inner peach and harmony despite the turmoil of the surrounding world.

But as you look forward to achieving these goals, do not lose sight of today! If you are willing to do the work you will succeed. If you are convinced of this then start acting the part now. Start thinking of yourself as a success. Start acting as a black belt should act. Become a black belt: become now that which you strive to become. Immersing yourself in positive thoughts and images of success will only help you achieve your goals that much sooner. This is the purpose of our Association, C&S Self Defense Association. It is your association so make it the best in the world by being the best you can be. If you strive to 100% of your ability you will be a far greater success than someone who is twice as "good" as you but did not do the work or have the commitment to get there that you have. Have faith in yourself and in that which you strive for and go for it.

In our art,
Grandmaster Peter M. Rose

ps — Please note that our Association Home Page provides a section to link to individule Program web sites. If your Program has a web site, send me the URL and I will list you there. Get on the web! The last 4 members who have joined my program found Rose School of Karate on a web search for karate programs!

Grandmaster Peter M. Rose holds an 8th Degree Black Belt. He began his studies with Grandmaster S.A. Brock in 1968. He has operated the Rose School of Karate in Portsmouth, NH since 1972. Grandmaster Rose is a senior software engineer, analyst, designer, and technical project manager. Grandmaster Rose can be reached at zzrose@yahoo.com, or you can visit his personal web site http://www.zzrose.com/pmr.html.

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